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Affiliate with Us


Is your church interested in being part of the Kentucky Baptist Convention?

We want to help walk you through the process. Check out the links below to get started:

  • Information & Guidelines for Churches Seeking Affiliation with the Kentucky Baptist Convention
    This document is an excellent starting point. It outlines the purpose and process to affiliate with us.
  • Church Request for Affiliation with the Kentucky Baptist Convention
    Churches interested in affiliating with us must complete and return this form to our Committee on Credentials by September 1. The committee meets to consider all affiliation requests each October.
  • Data Sheet
    This form must be completed and returned along with the Church Request for Affiliation form.
  • In addition to the request and data sheet forms, please include any church-approved documents that describe your church's mission, such as rules of governance and/or bylaws; a doctrinal statement; information about the church's participation in missions and/or ministries; organizational documents; or any other information that will help the Committee on Credentials get better acquainted with the church.

We also encourage churches seeking affiliation to gain an understanding and appreciation of the Cooperative Program, our method for promoting missions and ministry endeavors in Kentucky and around the world.

There are two primary reasons we desire for churches to establish consistent, regular support through the Cooperative Program:

  1. It is a criterion used to determine each church's representation at the annual meetings of both the Kentucky Baptist and Southern Baptist conventions.
  2. It is perhaps the best indication to the Committee on Credentials that the prospective church seeks to be in full cooperation with the convention.

In addition to financial support through the Cooperative Program, affiliation with the Kentucky Baptist Convention carries with the responsibility to report church data yearly as part of the Annual Church Profile.