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Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief

Mobile Communications/Command


The mission of our communications unit is to provide support communications between all deployed disaster relief units; between the Kentucky Baptist Convention and its member churches and associations; and between deployed units and KBC headquarters, North American Mission Board headquarters and partnering agencies, including the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Trained communicators may serve in any of four roles, some of which require an amateur radio license:

  • Staff the communications center within the Disaster Operations Center (DOC) at KBC headquarters when the DOC is activated.
  • Staff the mobile command and communications unit when it is deployed with other KBDR units, or as deployed by NAMB in broad responses.
  • Serve as a rapid responder, an amateur radio operator who possesses the equipment, ability and willingness to be deployed separate from the DOC or mobile command and communications unit, providing support communications for other teams or entities. A rapid responder is a completely self-contained unit.
  • Serve as a tactical communicator, supplying support communications between deployed KBDR units. This role requires no special licensing or gear.

Trained communicators are encouraged to attend a once-a-year training that gives communicators hands-on experience with the equipment used at both the DOC and the command and communications unit.

Volunteers serving on the communications team are required to complete the following training:

  • Phase I - Involving Southern Baptists in Disaster Relief
  • Phase II - Mobile Communications/Command Training