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Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief

Flood Recovery


The purpose of the flood recovery ministry is to help disaster victims see the love of God in action. Every act and every word should have as its goal the drawing of the victim to a loving relationship with Jesus as they see Him work in and through volunteers. The flood relief team will remove furniture, carpet, appliances and other flood-damaged items from a home to prepare it for rebuilding. Items removed from homes will be taken to a designated location, normally curbside, to be hauled away.

Normally a flood recovery unit will include a trailer equipped with various tools and equipment to help facilitate cleanup and recovery. These items may include: protective gear, hazmat suits, rubber boots, a generator, an air compressor, hand tools, power tools, hard hats, cots and air mattresses, ropes, a wheelbarrow, rolls of polyethylene - and many other items. The cleanup/recovery and flood relief manual includes a section on suggestions to help a home owner deal with restoration after flooding.

Volunteers serving on the flood relief team are required to complete the following training:

  • Phase I - Involving Southern Baptists in Disaster Relief
  • Phase II - Flood Recovery Training