Created by churches, for churches, to help churches reach Kentucky and the world for Christ
  • Children's Ministry

    The purpose of the KBC's Children's Ministry is to help churches with consultations, networking and training.

  • Church Financial Benefits

    We provide churches, ministers and church leaders with accurate and current information regarding church finances and benefits.

  • Church Planting

    The most effective means of reaching those who do not follow Jesus Christ is by planting churches. Kentucky Baptists are committed to launching vibrant, healthy new churches that are passionate about reaching their communities for Jesus Christ.

  • Evangelism

          We want to help your church or ministry share the gospel in understandable ways with every person in your community and give them an opportunity to respond in …

  • Kentucky Baptist Campus Ministry

    Kentucky Baptist Campus Ministry is a ministry provided by Kentucky Baptist churches to help churches lead college students and others in the academic community to encounter Jesus Christ and develop …

  • Multi Language Ministries

    We assist associations and churches in establishing and developing missions among ethnic people groups.

  • Senior Adult Ministry

    We offer a variety of tools aimed at helping Kentucky Baptists celebrate the lives and contributions of senior saints.

  • Student Ministry

    Discover how the KBC can assist your church's student ministry through consultations, networking, and training.

  • Sunday School & Discipleship

    We are committed to helping every believer in Kentucky become an active, committed, growing follower of Jesus Christ. Sunday School provides an effective means for training and discipling believers.

  • Transition & Conflict Management

    Consultation is available to congregations and church staff members when a conflict needs third-party assistance. It’s an excellent way for church staff and congregations to grow together instead of being torn apart.

  • Women's Ministry

    We are committed to encouraging, equipping and supporting women to effectively reach, disciple and multiply healthy ministries in their churches.  

  • Worship & Music

    When the church gathers, a time of worship through music and other expressions of devotion is almost always central. We assist Kentucky Baptists as they seek to praise God with truth, clarity, and …