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Missions Strategies, Vision Tours & Partnerships


Mission Strategy

We believe every church should play a role in fulfilling the Great Commission given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:16-20.  However, we know churches may need help identifying how they can make disciples in their community, region and the world.

Doug Williams and John Barnett work with pastors and church leaders to help them develop an "Acts 1:8" strategy that reflects the gifts and personality of their specific church.

Mission Partnerships

Mission Partnerships are relationships built on fulfilling the Great Commission.  The Kentucky Baptist Convention wants to help churches partner with missionaries and ministries.  A mission partnership is a commitment from both parties to work together to reach people with the Gospel and strengthen local churches.

We want to connect local churches with missionaries and other local churches, so the partnership is not with, but made through the KBC. The partnership is with local church to local church.

Here are the current KBC partnerships where we are seeking to facilitate partnerships:

Vision Tours

A Vision Tour is an opportunity for a pastor and church leaders to spend time with a potential ministry partner in the area the missionary is serving.  Vision Tours range from a few days to about a week and are led by KBC staff or ministry partners.

Technology in Missions

While every church should play a role in fulfilling the Great Commission, many aren't aware that technology can help in doing so. Learn how to use technology to share the gospel anywhere, including remote areas where people have never heard about Christ. Click here to learn more.