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COVID Guidelines


All REACH Evangelism & Missions Conference attendees agree to:

  • Abide by the CDC Recommendations for events/gatherings and all requirements imposed by national, state or local authorities;
  • Abide by guidelines set forth by the Kentucky Baptist Convention Safety Team;
  • Masks are required in all common areas and when attendees are in motion;
  • Practice safe, social distancing;
  • Upon entry, temperature checks will be required. Attendees will also be required to fill out a form regarding any and all exposure to Covid-19. If it is determined that an attendee does have a temperature, he/she will be unable to attend REACH per CDC Recommendations; and
  • Sign a waiver if participating in the Pre-REACH Missional Experiences. Waivers can be accessed online at and also on the REACH registration webpage.

*Revisions and updates can be made without prior written notification.

Click here to download PDF version of guidelines