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Church Planting

Frequently Asked Questions


I am interested in the possibility of planting a church. How do I get started?

  • We are excited about your interest. We would like to help you explore God's calling to plant a church. To get started, you must create an online profile HERE. From there, we will provide you with multiple opportunities for assessment as you discern the call to plant a church.

What financial resources are typically provided by KBC to a new church start?

  • The Kentucky Baptist Convention will provide a total of up to $20,000 over the course of a three-year period to churches. However, that amount could increase to a total of up to $40,000 for churches that demonstrate high potential. This is called Church Planter Assistance (CPA). These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and are contingent upon the situation of each individual church. In addition to CPA, the KBC  provides a one-time gift of $1,000 to assist with initial costs. In the case of a high potential church, the one-time gift can be increased to $2,000.

If I receive assistance, what kind of accountability is expected?

  • Accountability is imperative when it comes to planting a church. Indeed, God calls each church planter to lead and develop new ministries and to use any and all resources to help make the church a success. The KBC and its supporting churches believe in the planter and the new church plant. Therefore, it is important to keep the KBC and those who support your ministry informed.