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Messenger Pre-Registration


As with everything else in 2020, there are some changes to this year's annual meeting because of COVID-19. Please read the following information carefully.

All messengers should pre-register electronically using the instructions below. We are also asking that the meeting be limited only to pre-registered messengers.

This will help us meet the state guidelines for meeting capacity. As your church selects messengers, please remember the potential health risks, especially for those in a high-risk category, associated with attending a statewide meeting.

COVID-19 Precautions
Please know that you will be required to wear a mask, and there will be a temperature check along with health-related questions as you enter Bellevue Baptist.

Unfortunately, there will not be exhibits at this year's meeting due to the pandemic.

Registration Credential Information
By the end of September, each church eligible for messengers should receive information by mail that contains a username and password to be used for online registration. If your church registered online last year, the username and password will be the same. 

Once you know your username and password, you can visit and log in. The instructions are as follows:

Type your name in the box labeled “Display Name” and click “Save Changes.” Once logged in, click on the link under the section called “Active Conventions” labeled "Register for 2020 Kentucky Baptist Convention Annual Meeting."

The introduction page will display your 2019 Annual Church Profile total membership, your 2019-20 Cooperative Program giving, and how many KBC messengers your church is permitted based on these numbers. If everything is correct, please click the “Continue to Pre-Register” button.

You are now on the “KBC Messenger Selection” page. To designate a church staff member or leader as a messenger, click on the drop-down box labeled “Select a Person.” Scroll down and click on the name you are looking for and then click “Add Messenger.” That name will be moved to the “Selected Messengers” column.

Do this for each messenger from your church. The registration program will maintain a running count of the number of selected messengers and will only allow you to select the amount your church is permitted to have. If you need to remove someone who has already been assigned, simply click on the “Remove” box next to the individual’s name.

If a messenger's name is not listed in the “Available Leadership” area, click on “New Person” at the top of the drop-down list, enter the information for that new individual, then click “Add Messenger.” The system will check to see if the name is in our database. If it is, click “Select” next to the person's name. He or she will be added to the messenger section list. If it is not in our database, click “Continue (not duplicated)” and the individual will be added.

Once all the messengers have been added, click “Continue to Pre-Register.”

The final page of the program lists the assigned messengers. From this screen, you will need to print a personalized letter for each messenger to take to the annual meeting. If you do not wish to print a form for a particular person, you may remove the check from the checkbox next to his or her name. Click the “Print Attendee Registration Letter” button to print your letters for all listed messengers. Give each messenger his or her personalized letter.

Each messenger will need to bring his or her form to the registration table at the annual meeting.

Need help or more information?
If you have any questions, please contact us at (502) 245-4101 or toll-free at (800) 266-6477.