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Sunday School & Discipleship


We are committed to helping every believer in Kentucky become an active, committed, growing follower of Jesus Christ.

Sunday School provides an effective means for training and discipling believers.

We provide a variety of conferences and consultations aimed at helping your church maximize opportunities to effectively disciple believers.

Sunday School Shepherding Conference

  • Consider seven essentials to shepherd God’s sheep through Sunday School: meeting needs, pursuing the lost, listening to God’s voice, etc. Evaluate and prioritize actions. (2 hours)

FAITH Sunday School Evangelism Strategy

  • FAITH is an ongoing, comprehensive (evangelism and ministry) process. Using FAITH, Sunday School learners are mobilized to systematically share the gospel. A church of any sizes with Sunday School and a pastor who is willing to lead can successfully use the FAITH strategy.

Sunday School Basics

  • This conference focuses on the building blocks of effective Sunday School work for one or more age groups separately or for all age groups combined. (2-3 hours)

How to Prepare and Teach an Adult Sunday School Lesson

  • Experience a model adult Sunday School lesson and learn how to do the same thing with your class. (2 hours)

Sunday School Growth Principles

  • In the same way the human body requires a healthy balance of nutrition and exercise, Sunday School needs a healthy implementation of growth principles. This conference lays out some of those principles and enables participants to evaluate their Sunday School work. (1.5 hours)

Pastor/Director Training

  • Sunday School and discipleship that make a difference demand the leadership of the pastor and a director. This associational conference leads these key leaders to begin planning an effective Sunday School or discipleship strategy. (2.5 hours)

Ten Best Sunday School Practices

  • Begin to rethink and redefine Sunday School based on the "10 Best Practices to Make Your Sunday School Work." (2 hours)

Adult Sunday School Curriculum Workshop

  • Knowing your adult curriculum's resources and how to use them can facilitate great learning experiences. Hands-on experience with the curriculum is encouraged in this workshop. Assistance is also available for helping you make wise curriculum choices. (1.5 hours)

FAITH & GROW Awareness

  • This clinic helps pastors and church leaders understand the potential impact of the FAITH Sunday School Evangelism Strategy and/or GROW and what it takes to do the strategies right. (1-2 hours)

TIGER: Josh Hunt's Strategies for Doubling Your Group

  • Learn Josh Hunt's five strategies for doubling your Sunday School class, organization, and church in two years or less. (1.5 hours)


  • This conference helps adult Sunday School class leaders lay foundations for reaching prospects, loving absentees, and keeping members. (2 hours)

Multiplying Leaders and Small Groups

  • This training time takes participants on a journey to mentor or coach others and to start new Sunday School and/or discipleship classes. (2-3 hours)

Records: Staying in Touch with Members and Prospects

  • Tailored to your needs, this conference gives Sunday School leaders an understanding of record-keeping methods and the importance of keeping good records.

Fellowship 101

  • This conference is designed to lead participants to examine fellowship options and efforts in order to strategize an effective plan for leading a class to develop relationships with prospects, absentees, and faithful attendees. (2 hours)

Teaching Adults for Spiritual Transformation

  • This workshop helps teachers move toward leading Bible study sessions through which adults can encounter God and His word and apply His truth to their lives. (2-3 hours)

Adult Characteristics

  • This workshop is designed to enable small-group leaders to focus more effectively upon learners, their needs, and their stages in ministry, fellowship, and teaching efforts. (1.5 hours)

Developing Ministry Leaders

  • Learn the basics of serving as a small-group leader in order to improve in connecting, praying, ministering, and fellowshipping. (1.5 hours)
  • Watch Soul Care: For the Weary Leader, part I and II, by Hershael York below.

Small-Group Ministry

  • Do you want to begin or improve a small-group Bible study ministry? This conference will help you lay strong foundations for multiplying your home and/or off-site Bible study groups. (2 hours)